Renting A Room In Your Home

People often rent-out rooms in their home. This is becoming particularly common in Alberta with the decline of our economy, and is of course, particularly common in cities and towns with Universities and Colleges.

The Residential Tenancies Act sets out specific rules and regulations for rental accommodations, but does not apply to situations where a person is renting-out a room in their own home (Residential Tenancies Act, SA 2004,c R-17.1, section 2(2)(c)).

Because the Residential Tenancies Act does not apply to a situation where a person is renting-out a room in their own home, it is crucial to ensure you have an all-encompassing contract (or Room Rental Agreement). Having an all-encompassing contract is the best way to protect your legal interests and is a great way to establish your expectations to best ensure that you have a positive rental experience.

Please, feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs for a contract if you already rent out a room in your own home, or if you are considering doing so.

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