New Reduced Consult Rates for Family and Divorce Clients

I’ve been devoting a lot of volunteer time to my profession over the past few years.  This past February, I completed approximately 6 years of service as a Bencher with the Law Society of Alberta.  I am also former Chair of the Law Matters Editorial Board, Co-Creator and Chair of the Alberta Limited Legal Services Project, and currently sit as Chair of the Advisory Board for the National Self-Represented Litigants Project.

At the core of that volunteer time has been a sense that lawyers need to do their best to make their profession better.  I have a desire to improve the condition of our clients who have to grapple with various legal concerns, particularly in family law.

Considering this significant donation of my time ($250,000.00 in billable time this past year alone), it struck me that while doing “big picture work” is valuable, to a great extent I was continuing to deliver legal service to my own clients largely as I have for the past 32 years, with my hourly rate creeping up as my experience increased.

So – anyway – this past month, I met with my fellow family lawyers here at Huckvale LLP, and suggested we reduce our rates for initial consultations.

To be sure – we couldn’t just offer to meet with everyone for free to answer their questions – but if I was going to give away a lot of time to various projects, why not sell some of my time at a discount to give people some initial advice.

As a result, all of the lawyers at Huckvale LLP are now providing divorce and family law consultations at a fixed fee of $300 plus GST for one hour (a reduction of 40% from my current billable hourly rate.

We have four very capable family lawyers – I would suggest among the most experienced in Southern Alberta.   And we are all ready and willing to meet with you to answer your questions or concerns on family law matters.

For more information on our experience and skills, please review our information on our website:

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C.

T. Jesse Wilde

Ryan D. Anderson

Tyler Pollock

At Huckvale LLP, the “Lawyer is IN” for your family law questions and concerns.