New at Huckvale – The Client Appointment Guarantee.

Huckvale LLP is now paying clients for THEIR time.

How so?

Well, lawyers, including our own firm, are well-known for billing clients for their time.

But, recently, it struck me that our clients, whether they are lawyers, doctors, mechanics, home-makers, students or retirees – also value their own time.

I’m certain every single one of our clients have better things to do than sit in our reception area.

I’m sure our clients could do something more constructive than wait for their lawyers.



It struck me that if I expect my client to value my time, and pay for that time, I should value THEIR time.  In fact, I should expect to compensate them when their time is wasted waiting for their appointment.

As a result, Huckvale LLP has instituted the “Client Appointment Guarantee“.

If a client is required to wait more than 10 minutes from the later of when they arrive, or from their scheduled appointment – they are entitled to a gift certificate of $25.00 from a local restaurant.

Which isn’t to say we can just let our clients wait because we’re paying them the $25.00.

The goal is, in fact, that we don’t give out any gift certificates.  That our clients never wait more than 10 minutes.


Just a modest acknowledgement at Huckvale LLP that we appreciate our clients, and that their time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted.