Divorce and Family Law – Fixed Fee Options

Not all divorce or family law legal services need be provided on a “billable hour” basis.  We understand the stress that clients feel when they don’t know how much a service will cost, particularly while going through a divorce.  As a result, Huckvale LLP is working to expand “fixed fee options” for our clients with divorce and family law issues.

As a result, for less complex or limited scope legal service, Huckvale LLP offers the following fixed fee options for our clients (Prices do not include 5% G.S.T. chargeable on all fees):

While the general hourly billing rate for our lawyers varies with their level of experience (T. Jesse Wilde and Robert G. Harvie, Q.C., have been in practice since 1986), Huckvale LLP has tried to make matters easier for our clients, by offering a fixed fee consult rate for all family lawyers of $300 plus G.S.T..  Accordingly, if you are unsure of whether or not you wish to fully retain counsel, or are just seeking legal advice or information regarding divorce or family law concerns, you can meet with any family lawyer at Huckvale LLP for one hour for the same fixed price – a reduction of 40% from our senior counsel billing rate.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, contact the lead administrator in our family law department, Sarah Vaudry and she will be happy to arrange for you to meet with one of our family lawyers.

Inclusive of Court filing fee,  drafting Statement of Claim, arranging for service, drafting Affidavit in support of Divorce, Divorce Judgment, submitting application to the court and obtaining Certificate of Divorce upon expiration of appeal period – $1,500.00

Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements, and Matrimonial Settlement agreements. Where negotiation by the lawyer is not required. Our fee includes meeting with client to obtain instructions and explain requirements of agreement, drafting the agreement, reviewing the agreement with client, completing execution of agreement with client and facilitating execution of agreement with other party (not including, however, costs of other party’s legal fees to review agreement) – $1,600.00

NOTE: This price does not include “negotiation” of an agreement – it assumes you and your spouse have already come to terms and are able to instruct the lawyer as to the essential elements of your agreement.  Negotiation of terms would be billed on an hourly basis, where necessary.

Where other counsel have already drafted an agreement, and you require a lawyer to review and advise you as to the nature and content of the agreement – $500.00

To file and serve a formal Notice to Disclose, obtain an Order for disclosure (if required), review financial disclosure and provide client with a formal opinion regarding a possible child support variation –  inclusive of Court filing fee and costs of serving documents – $1,500.00

For persons who are representing themselves in litigation matters, we are also happy to provide fixed-fee service on an “as-needed” basis, as follows:

  • One hour consultation/coaching (see above);
  • Drafting and attending to execution of Affidavit in support/opposition to court application – $1,000.00;
  • Providing legal opinion regarding matter in issue:
    • 1 hour research, plus written opinion $600.00;
    • 2 hours research, plus written opinion $900.00;
  • Conducting Questioning/Questioning on Affidavits and Assisting Client during their own questioning (including arranging for attendance of other party, use of our Board Room and obtaining and paying Court Reporter, but not including cost of written transcription from Court Reporter) – $4,000.00;
  • Drafting questions for client to attend to their own Questioning – $1,000.00;
  • Preparing and attending upon Court Application (without oral evidence being called): (**See Notes 1 and 2 below)
    • Preparing one affidavit (no additional responsive affidavit), and attend Court to argue application, including drafting Order as granted – $2,500.00
    • Preparing one affidavit and responsive affidavit, and attend Court to argue application, including drafting Order as granted – $3,200.00

**NOTE 1: The Court may direct any application to proceed to a “Special Chambers Application” which would require an additional written brief, and a further attendance in Court on a second date.  As a result, should this occur there would be an additional cost of $2,000.00 – but that would be at the option of the client, who would have the right to attend to their own brief and attend to their own argument at the date of the Special Chambers Application.

**NOTE 2: The Rules of Court entitle a party to question the opposing party on their affidavit.  If you wish us to attend to that on your behalf to conduct a questioning of the other party (your option) that would there would be an additional cost of $1,500.00.  However, if the opposing party demands to question you on your affidavit they are entitled to do so, except in the most exceptional of circumstances, and should that occur, you may attend on your own, or you may request our firm to attend with you and represent you, which would result in an additional cost of $1,000.00.

For  clients conducting their own trial, we will meet with you to discuss the file, will review materials relating to the trial and will provide you with a “trial map”, explaining the process and:

  • Highlight matters to be covered in your testimony;
  • Highlight matters to question during cross-examination;
  • Highlight and provide an understandable (for you and the Judge) map of your argument and your position regarding the matters in issue;
  • Cost – $2,500.00

If you require services not referenced above, and would like a fixed-fee quote, please do not hesitate to inquire.  In some cases, an email to one of our family lawyers, T. Jesse Wilde or Ryan D. Anderson will be sufficient to allow us to provide a fixed-fee quote, in other cases, a one hour consultation may be required where the matter is more complex, before we can provide a formal fixed-fee quote.

These fees are FIXED.  You will not be billed any additional fees, unless you have agreed, in advance, before any additional services or fees are incurred.

All Fixed Fee Services must be paid for in advance of service being provided, prior to meeting with your lawyer.  We do accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit Card transactions, in addition to cash or cheques.