Helping Children Avoid Damage in the Divorce Earthquake

Children: The Biggest Losers in Divorce

Children are often the biggest losers in Divorce. With great appreciation to Beryl McNeil, the Alberta Government and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, comes a short video called, “The Breakup Earthquake” providing some simple, but insightful guidance to help parents in a family breakdown reduce potential long-term harm to their children that can result from being subjecting to toxic stress in a broken family dynamic.

In 30 years, I have seen way too many parents absorbed in their own paid and anger who allow their children to be exposed to toxic stress in the “breakup earthquake” of their parents.  Children who buy into the conflict – or, worse, are dragged into the conflict by parents unable to see their own error, and, instead, blaming “the other guy/gal”.

This video, while simple, is timely and important for every parent going through divorce to take two minutes to view and consider – if not for themselves, then for their children.

The link to the video is HERE.

Please share with other family law professionals or people who have children and who may be in the midst of a “Breakup Earthquake”.