Jesse Wilde holds a Masters Degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts, and formerly taught Sport Law and Sport Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Jesse brings his knowledge and skills to our clients in Southern Alberta.

Cameron MacLennan also holds a Masters Degree in Law from George Washington University and can assist with all immigration issues, involving both Canada and U.S. Immigration.

Huckvale LLP can provide legal services extending to a wide variety of sport related issues including the following:

Sports Contracts

  • Team, tournament, league and event contracting
  • Event and tournament rules
  • Manufacturing and specifications of sports equipment
  • Standard player contracts

Sponsorship Contracts

  • Promotion agreements
  • Player sponsorships
  • Television/radio rights

Intellectual Property

  • Event, venue, player, and team naming rights
  • Protection of trade-marks, copyrights and domain names
  • Team branding
  • Broadcasting

Venue & Event Management

  • Naming rights for venues
  • Building of venues
  • Venue operating services
  • Broadcasting rights and agreements
  • Advertising of an event
  • Television and radio contracts for media and athletes

Workplace Relations

  • Engagement of team members, coaches and trainers
  • Workers compensation
  • Human rights

Risk Management

  • Venue liability and insurance
  • Event liability and insurance
  • Workers compensation and general health insurance for competitors


  • Disputes between players and teams, leagues, and international federations
  • Doping and drug related disputes
  • Suspensions of players and appearance at hearings concerning discipline
  • Arbitrations

Business Structures

  • Structure for each of the relevant league, the teams within the league and the players
  • Governance of companies, societies, membership of teams, etc.
  • Representation of players in the relevant company or society
  • Cross-border issues
  • Capitalization and funding/borrowing

Tax and Customs

  • Tax deductions for donations to sporting teams and societies
  • Taxation of sporting teams and societies
  • Characterization of various payments to stakeholders
  • estate and tax planning for athletes


  • Athlete and coaching visas
  • Athlete immigration

Real Estate

  • Development of golf courses
  • Development of buildings and other venues and facilities
  • Leasing of venues
  • Construction contracts

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